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Andrea Barrett
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Newfoundlander, Canadian
Artist ~ Creative
Equipment ~ Canon T1i, 50mm 1:1.8 EF, Polarizer filter, Nikon F90X, 50mm 1:1.8 series E, Nikon EM, 85-210mm 3.8 Quantaray, Ansco Shur-flash 120mm Box Camera, Rolleicord TLR, thrifted tripod (working on getting a new one!) I have many cameras that are waiting to be employed!

Sit Still
nikon coolpix 5700 unedited

One of the smells that triggers memories of my childhood is developing chemicals. My father was a photographer for the local newspaper. A man who was known for his long hair, his involvement in sports and the cameras around his neck. He developed his own photos for a time and the red lit darkroom in our basement was a place of awe (and intimidation). My father gave me one of the cameras he used "on the job" when I was a teenager, a Nikon EM. I took photos on and off for years with the Nikon, primarily in black and white. Most of these photos were "snapshots" but a few were really good. Photography was always an interest but never a true hobby. That has changed, a lot! Now it is my favourite thing. A passion. It saved my life.

A New Beginning
canon t1i unedited

Why do you photograph?
Because I must! It has allowed me to come back to life. To be present and to feel the value of being alive.

Is there a particular photographer you admire? What is it about their work that you enjoy?
My Father. He has partial vision in one eye, none in the other, and still gets some really great shots. My boyfriend, Andrew, has a great eye and the knowledge to get amazing photos. I love his long exposures, of water and light. I am fond of many amateur photographers. The ladies of flickHER.

If you process your images at all, what software do you use and how much processing do you do?
I used to process the images I took (because of the old digital camera I was using) a lot to get something pleasing. With the new Canon I sometimes crop (though rarely because I believe in setting up the shot in camera) or adjust exposure. I use Picnik for most of this because I am waiting on a new computer and editing software. The film photos I take are rarely edited. They are usually as I would want them to be...

How did you learn your skills - are you self-taught?
First introduction was from Dad. How to load film, aperture, focusing, etc. Then some of my own trial and error. Andrew, is a wealth of knowledge. His memory for all things photography astounds me, I have trouble remembering if I'm shooting digital or film! ;) I am learning some things from others too. Tia Bailey has given me some good pointers and advice...

What is the piece of equipment/software on your wish list?
New computer and Photoshop. Tripod with Manfrotto 222 joystick head (or similar)...A remote.
A 1:1 Macro lens *sigh*...

What inspires your photos?
Everything around me can be inspiration. Everything inside of me too.

Single Beauty
canon t1i unedited

What is your favourite subject or theme to photograph? (self-portraits, still life, your children, your dog, etc.)
I don't have a favourite theme but love using shallow depth of field. I also love the bokeh from my 50mm lenses.

balloon shape bokeh
canon t1i unedited

Do you self-portrait? Discuss how it makes you feel.
Yes. Up until very recently I felt very uncomfortable and egotistical doing so. I've over come those things and now enjoy the process. I hope to do more, with theatrical elements, and to get better at doing it.

Love Shaped
canon t1i unedited

What is your biggest challenge?
My biggest challenge is lack of money! I have a very old lap top that I use for sharing but it isn't capable of running Photoshop or of holding all the photos I have. I also have a lot of film that is sitting patiently in my fridge to be developed.

What advice do you have for new photographers?
Read your camera manual. Read about the ways to get the shots you want. Learning the correct white balance to use in each situation was helpful to me. Mostly take a lot of photos.

35mm Film
film photograph ~ Nikon F90X unedited

~Andrea xo
Fit to be Seen.


  1. I really enjoyed learning about your Dad...what a lovely inspiration he must be! The choice of photos were fabulous as well!

  2. Great interview, Andrea, I love to learn about the inner workings of my favourite photographers. The questions and answers are so informative and gives me a real feel for the person behind the lens! Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. so funny, because my dad is/was an artist and my mother a textiles person and my work fuses both and I love it too with a passion!

    Beautiful imagery . . .I want to take more photo's . . . .


    PS thank you for the follow if I've not mentioned it already!

  4. great little interview...am impressed with your photos and more so now that i know how little processing goes into the final product. i hope your blog is a success, andrea! best wishes and i look forward to visiting often!

    Heather - goosie-gander

  5. have i told you how much i admire your courage, and your perspective? your artistic perspective, certainly, but also your self-perspective, in terms of your ability to see who you are within the world and the impact your actions have upon yourself and others.

    i love this about you! i love that you pay attention, that you see things, that you have the will to empower yourself.

    this unveiling of you makes me proud to have this connection with you.

    on a personal note, it makes me wish i had taken an interest in my mother's photography all those years back. she gave up on it as my sister and i got older, and i hope that it wasn't on account of us being "difficult teenagers". she has now given me all of her old instruction books (she would have given me her super-retro Konica camera with all the bits and bobs, but she sold it years ago). i can see how excited she is that i've found photography love, but with it i feel that twinge of guilt that i didn't support her during her photo years.

    eh, i guess i was just a kid. is that good reason or a weak excuse?

  6. Really loved learning about you...now I see why you are so good at what you do! : )


  7. These are amazing photos. So glad to have found you and your blogs. Thanks for the inspiration.

  8. It was so nice to hear those memories of your dad as a photographer and to hear he is still inspiring you :)


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